Research and Knowledge Production

Research on access to information in Africa is still at a very nascent stage. The importance of credible information in developing effective advocacy strategies cannot be over emphasized. AFIC works to build and strengthen access to information knowledge base through research in order to create a better understanding of the power of information in advancing human rights, accountability and good governance in the African context. This is done to empower policy processes as well as strengthening advocacy and campaigning for civil society actors.

Research projects undertaken over the past three years include the state of the access to information in Mali, 2011; The Right of Access to Information in Senegal, 2011; The Struggle for Access to Information in Uganda, 2012 and the Open Government and the Right to Information in Africa. Others include a Desk review of convergences and differences of the five African OGP country action plans from the perspective of ATI to determine possibilities for knowledge exchange and collaboration on the continent.

Promotion of Ratification and Domestication of Regional Instruments

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