Reports & Publications

Reports and Publications


Strong on Paper 6.87 MB 3 downloads

An Assessment of Citizen Engagement Commitments in the Uganda Reproductive Maternal...

Transparent Public Procurement Rating- 2020 6.40 MB 8 downloads

Transparent Public Procurement Rating- 2020 ...

Citizens' perception on the state of access to information in Uganda 1.15 MB 6 downloads

Analysis of Political Parties' manifestos ahead of the Uganda General Elections...

The State of Access to Information and Elections in Uganda 8.97 MB 10 downloads

Analysis of Existing Legal Framework and Practice against the African Union Guidelines...

Forum on Information and Democracy; Report on "infodemics" 2.06 MB 11 downloads

A new report is out which has important lessons for the Open Government Partnership...

Status of implementation of the regulatory and policy framework on Access to Information in the health sector in Kenya 3.97 MB 8 downloads

Access to timely and accurate information is essential in any democratic society...

Local Governments Response in the fight against COVID-19 in Uganda 2.13 MB 14 downloads

AFIC in partnership with Uganda Contracts Monitoring Coalition (UCMC) undertook the...

Fact Sheet on the second OCDS Mapping Report on the Kenya Tender Portal 1.15 MB 6 downloads

Too many governments appear to be unaware of how much, when and with whom they buy...

Feminist Open Government: Research on the Extent to which Open Government Promotes Open Contracting Among Women in Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi 1.23 MB 43 downloads

Feminist Open Government: Research on the Extent to which Open Government Promotes...

The Second Contracts Monitoring Report of Selected Districts for FY2019/20 1.43 MB 30 downloads

The second contracts monitoring process follows the first one that accessed...

The Quest For Value For Money in Public Procurement in Uganda 25.05 MB 61 downloads

This report presents a synthesis of findings from the sectoral analysis of procurement...


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