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Open Contracting

From Disclosure to Impact: Deepening and Broadening Open Contracting in Africa

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Public procurement in Africa is characterized by lack of transparency, inefficiency, lack of value for money, collusion, corruption and other unfair business practices all of which undermine the delivery of basic services especially health and education to ordinary citizens including women, people with disabilities, youth and the elderly.

Over the next three years, AFIC and its partners- Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) and Media Rights Agenda (MRA)  (both Nigeria), Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation ( CHRR) (Malawi), Ghana Anticorruption Coalition (GACC) (Ghana) and International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) (Kenya) will implement a project, with support from William &Flora Hewlett Foundation.

The proposed project seeks to improve delivery of health and education  services through promotion of disclosure, public participation, efficiency, value for money and competition in public contracting in Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda.