We welcome you to our website, a key resource for the right to information advocates in Africa.

In setting up AFIC, civil society activists wanted a home where they could find knowledge and share experiences on the advancement of the right to information in Africa. They also wanted the Centre to provide technical assistance on ATI to civil society organisations in Africa.

There being only 5 ATI in Africa in 2010, the Network’s initial goal was to support campaigns for adoption of ATI laws until 2014 when implementation was integrated in our strategy following adoption of ATI laws by 9 additional countries.

AFIC and its membership have generated vast knowledge and experience. Our knowledge products and tools that have continued to inform and propel the advancement of citizens, access to information.

Through sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources, AFIC membership has grown broader and stronger to lead successful campaigns at continental and global scale. Consequently, AFIC hosts key networks in the ATI community of practice.

We are grateful to our membership for the dedication and commitment to generating and sharing knowledge on ATI in Africa. We also deeply appreciate partners such as the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), Sida, Open Society Foundations, Oxfam, IDRC Canada, Open Contracting Partnership, CoST Transparency, and IFEX among others for supporting our work financially.

Our knowledge partners such is FOIAnet, APAI Working Group and AFEX among others continue to be a strong shoulder and inspiration.

We acknowledge and appreciate the partnership with the African Union especially the Department of Political Affairs, Directorate of Civil Society and Diaspora and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights among others

AFIC becomes better every day because of its commitment to learn and share. We welcome your feedback and advice as we continue to live the dream of our founders.

Gilbert Sendugwa
Executive Director

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