Mali in the process of creating a media watchdog



On Tuesday April 13th 2016, during the  58th Session, the ACHPR’s deliberated on Mali’s State Report.  The Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information and also the Chairperson to the commission appreciated the plurality of media in Mali.

However, she sought clarity on some issues among which put to task the Malian delegation to explain the disappearance ofJournalist Birama Toure, who worked for Le sphinx that happened earlier this year.

In response, the Malian delegation informed the commission that it is investing the disappearance and death of journalist Birama Toure.  In addition, Mali is in the process of creating a media ombudsman.

Among areas on which the special rapporteur needed clarity included the following:

Noting that the Declaration on Principles of Freedom of Expression in Africa requires the existence of an independent media board. The Special Rapporteur asked the delegation from Mali to explain how independent Mali’s Media Council is, who the Council reports to and how it is funded?


Secondly,  she asked about the steps being taken by Mali to repeal criminal defamation and deal with corruption- especially since it is not a signatory on the list of conventions on corruption.


Ms Pancy Tlakula sought to find out why Mali has not adopted a FOI law in addition advised the Mali delegation to consider model law on access to information.


In response to these questions the Malian decrees informed the commission that Mali has Decree on the Application of the Law on the Relation Between the Administration and the Users of Public Services No. 03-580, 2003 (in French) Law on the Relation Between the Administration and the Users of the Public Service,1998(in French) that all provide for access to information


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