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Local Government Transparency and Accountability: How Mbale District Local Government is making people feel involved in the growth and development of the district.

The Government of Uganda has decentralized the power to develop the nation’s resources to the district level under the principles of responsive and open local government. This has enhanced transparency, accountability, and citizen participation. Districts are expected to use the resources in the district to

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What does the public know about transparency and safeguards in the procurement & deployment of Digital Technology Systems in Africa?

Press Release AFIC released its research report “Sunlight in Digital Technologies”. This report analyzes data gathered through triangulation from varied secondary and primary sources, using an exploratory research design combining a scoping review of grey and published literature with key informant interviews and a survey in Uganda,

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Who Wins in a Low Transparency, High Corruption Environment? The impact of a low transparency environment in the procurement of Digital Technology Systems in Africa.

Some government operations rely heavily on digital technology, which includes software, hardware, and services. Technology is used to generate revenue, deliver services, and engage citizens. Digital technology facilitates the delivery of public services, creates efficiencies, encourages citizen participation, and improves communications for local governments. “Digital

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Countering threats of violence and crimes against journalists to protect freedom of expression for all: Commemorating the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists 2021

A global network of major news organizations, press freedom organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), activists, and journalists is working together to safeguard everyone’s right to free expression. However, journalists’ capacity to conduct their work is being harmed by violence, intimidation, harassment, and censorship. Vigils are being

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