To generate and share knowledge on FOI/RTI at global, regional and continental levels


Expanding and deepening ATI knowledge base in Africa is critical.  It is essential to inform advocacy for good ATI laws, strengthen implementation and inform decision-making. Unfortunately there existing knowledge gap which has affected policy and programming for human rights, rule of law, accountability, and public participation among other spheres. Major efforts have been made in developed economies especially but lack specific contextual realities of developing economies.

AFIC long term vision is to have a galvanized and well informed continental CSO movement of FOI advocates. This will be achieved in providing a resource centre on ATI in Africa through AFIC website and social media platforms; producting of newsletters every two months; organizing webinars and tweet chat session on sectoral issues related to ATI, annual country-level meetings with AFIC members; conducting capacity and needs assessments and training for AFIC members; and recruiting membership.

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