To promote social inclusion for minority groups through right to information


Marginalised groups such as women, people with disabilities and/or of disadvantaged age categories do not access equitably to resources such as finance, land, water, employment and social services like their other advantaged or privileged counterparts. This is due to their isolation, low social status and limited levels of participation in all areas of life, combined with generally poor understanding and awareness of these issues among stakeholders and decision-makers.

Access to information can contribute to advance the access of vulnerable people to resources, employment, social services and political space and therefore reduce inequality within countries.

AFIC long term vision is to promote FOI norms and standards for the effective implementation of FOI laws at the national and sub-national level with a focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged population needs. This will be achieved in conducting AFIC member-specific assessment for the inclusion of minority social groups in programme interventions; developing social inclusion and gender mainstreaming policy and implementing the developed social inclusion and gender mainstreaming policy.