To promote FOI norms and standards for an effective implementation of ATI


If the adoption of ATI laws in Africa has been slow and challenging, their implementation has been disturbingly difficult. AFIC studies and experience shows that many ATI laws are not implemented by public agencies. Officials have not been trained on the law and systems for implementation have not been established. Whereas targets have been developed, knowledge on what constitutes implementation of ATI laws is yet to be garnered. There is also a need to monitor and issues recommendations towards effective implementation of ATI.

AFIC long term vision is to establish best practice and innovations in the implementation of FOI laws at a regional/continental level. This will be achieved in supporting the governments in training of public officials on RTI; promoting and disseminating ATI Public Sector training Manual; carrying out annual study on RTI implementation; supporting selected government agencies in elaboration of ATI implementation plans; promoting oversight mechanism for RTI as well as Ask Your Government (AYG) and other ATI online platforms; supporting AFIC members in elaboration of litigation strategy; and promoting sectoral and thematic application of RTI among AFIC members and African continent.