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To promote citizen’s active use of right to information frameworks


There is growing efforts and attention to promoting proactive disclosure of data held by the government in key areas such as budgets, procurement, licensing, extractives, etc. This has moved quite fast facilitated by advancement in technology. Indeed some schools of thought question whether it is any longer necessary given proactive disclosure that is evolving. The government have made efforts to open up data in ways. However, many people in Africa do not understand ATI and how it can be applied in sectors and thematic areas yet this presents the vast potential to make an impact on peoples’ lives.

AFIC long term vision is to advance the use of FOI through non-legal, voluntary, and sectoral transparency initiatives. This will be achieved in training CSOs and media/journalists on RTI; disseminating ATI CSO training manual; promoting ATI public awareness and active citizen engagements on ATI and social accountability; and promoting FOI on sectoral platforms and gender justice in right of access to information among AFIC members and through engagement meetings with key partners/stakeholders.