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Financing for Development


Financing for development is a 3-year project funded by Oxfam Novib, and implemented by four partners; Africa Freedom of Information Centre( AFIC), Civil Society Budget Advocacy group (CSBAG), Citizens’ Watch it. (CEWIT), The Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI-Uganda.

Project goal and outcomes:

An efficient public finance system in Uganda: Promoting fiscal measures that will enhance inclusive growth and active participation of the citizenry.

Outcome area 1:Strengthened systems for fair fiscal revenue mobilization that ensure more resources for public spending and curbing harmful tax exemptions, avoidance and evasion.

Outcome area 2: Increased public financing to social sectors, such as health, education, agriculture and social protection, with emphasis on addressing the needs of the vulnerable women, youth and men.

Outcome area 3: Enhanced accountability and transparency at all stages of fiscal cycle ensuring regular civic participation, access to information, and public scrutiny.

Outcome area 4: Innovative revenue generation alternatives for the local and national level government.

Project interventions:

  • Training CSOs and capacity enhancement of Citizens on access to information from local to national levels.
  • Budget tracking and monitoring for policy influencing.
  • Research on key aspects of Uganda’s fiscal systems to enhance easy access, sharing and utilization of fiscal information.
  • Evidence-based advocacy and civic awareness campaigns, including engagement with duty bearers.
  • Advocating for increased pro-poor government spending on key sector/ or related specific issues within sectors such as education, health, agriculture, social protection and gender.

Project stakeholders:

  • Uganda Ministry of Finance Planning and economic development& Uganda Revenue Authority.
  • Media
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Local governments

Project intervention areas:

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