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AFIC is collecting data on election financing in Uganda and Senegal

AFIC is in the process of collecting data on election financing in Uganda and Senegal through conducting interviews and different researches.
The process entails holding meetings, discussions and interviews with political party leaders, government officials and various stakeholders to discuss the topic of election funding or financing.

Why is this information on Election Financing hard to come by?

Henry Muguzi from Alliance for Election Campaign Finance Monitoring already has an answer to that; ” The entire legal framework on election financing in Uganda is vague, and that is crux of the problem,” he says.
When asked on whether information regarding election financing in Uganda should be shared or not, Crispy Kaheru Coordinator of The Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda had this to say; “Uganda should consider seriously a requirement that political candidates should disclose their sources of income publicly, public has the right to know.”

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