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Ghana: AFIC and GRIC demand Strong ATI Law

AFIC and the Ghana Right to Information Coalition (GRIC) have issued a joint statement urging Ghana’s Parliament to adopt a law that reflects regional and International standards.

The statement came a week after the Parliament published the version the Bill that has been tabled for debate. The statement acknowledges the will of the Government of Ghana to “deepen transparency and good governance as a means of improving the living conditions of Ghanaians.”


By publishing the Bill after many months of reluctance, the statement adds, indicates that the government wants to pass a law that will achieve “its intended purpose.”

While recognising that the Bill has some progressive provisions, AFIC and GRIC are calling on the Parliament to strengthen the Bill in key areas such as extending the right to relevant private entities, conditions under which fees could be paid, appeals to lower courts and an independent oversight structure. These recommendations are based on best practices and guiding instruments as the African Union Model Law and the African Platform on Access to Information Declaration.

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