Africa Freedom of Information Centre Welcomes New Members to AFIC Family

The Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) has taken a significant step towards bolstering its efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance across the African continent.

The organization has extended a warm welcome to three new members who have joined its ranks, namely the Public Information Noble, OPEN DRC, and Siege Social ADISI-Cameroun. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in AFIC’s journey to enhance information accessibility, empower citizens, and strengthen the foundation for transparency and accountability in Africa.

Empowering Through Information

Founded with a vision to create a continent where citizens can effectively engage with their governments and institutions, AFIC has been at the forefront of championing the right of access to information as an essential element of accountable governance. Through advocacy, research, capacity building and membership strengthening, AFIC has contributed significantly to the advancement of the Freedom of Information (FOI) in Africa.

Welcoming New Members

  1. Public Information Noble: With a commitment to promoting a culture of transparency and access to information, Public Information Noble (PIN) has emerged as a formidable advocate for open governance. By joining forces with AFIC, PIN aims to harness collective efforts to ensure that information is readily available to citizens, fostering informed participation and driving positive change.
  2. OPEN DRC: The inclusion of OPEN DRC in AFIC’s membership family brings with it a wealth of experience and dedication in promoting open data, transparency, and accountability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This partnership is poised to amplify AFIC’s impact in addressing governance challenges and ensuring that citizens’ voices are heard and heeded.
  3. Siege Social ADISI-Cameroun: Siege Social ADISI-Cameroun’s membership in AFIC underscores the organization’s dedication to enhancing information accessibility in Cameroon. By collaborating with AFIC, Siege Social ADISI-Cameroun envisions a future where citizens are empowered with the information they need to engage effectively with their government and make informed decisions.

Strengthening the FOI Movement

The addition of these three new members not only expands AFIC’s geographical reach but also deepens its expertise and influence in the field of freedom of information and open governance. By uniting these like-minded organizations under the AFIC umbrella, a stronger collective effort is formed to tackle the challenges that hinder transparent governance across Africa.

Together, AFIC and its members will continue to  work tirelessly to ensure that citizens’ right to access information is upheld.