AFIC Governing Council


  1.  Chairperson
    Mr. Henri Maina 
    Article 19 East Africa, Kenya 
  2. Secretary
    Mr Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai 
    Society for Democratic Initiatives, Sierra Leone
  3. Treasurer
    Ms. Alison Tilley
    Open Democracy Advisory Centre, South Africa
  4. Vice Chairperson
    Ms. Zoe Titus 
    Media Institute for Southern Africa, Namibia
  5. Member
    Prof Colin Darch 
    African Network of Constitutional Lawyers, South Africa
  6. Member
    Ms Anne Nedri 
    The Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists, Kenya
  7. Member
    Mr Henri Christian Longendja 
    Comité des Droit de l’Homme et Développement, DRC
  8. Observer
    Mr. Maxwell Kadiri
    Open Society Justice Initiative, Abuja ,Nigeria

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