AFIC shares real time updates on COVID-19 through data visualization

AFIC has developed an interactive COVID19 tracker to promote access to information on this pandemic. The tracker provides real-time updates on the number of confirmed cases, fatalities and recoveries of COVID19. It also provides a predictive model for the projected number of cases over the next 10 days or so, based on currently disclosed data.

It focuses mainly on the impact of COVID19 in Africa but can be filtered to show information about any country in the world. With more information published by governments around the world, the level of detail of the tracker is also expected to improve.

For example, the Government of Uganda publishes regular updates to COVID19 on its website.

In recent years, health care has come a long way, and hospitals and clinics alike are realizing what a valuable tool data visualization can be. Anyone in the field of health care will tell you how vital timely information can be. It can often be the difference between a good result and a tragedy.

Whether a healthcare provider is dealing with a flu outbreak or trying to decrease response time, the visualization of data allows them to view measurements. They can make informed decisions by viewing the metrics and find opportunities to improve outcomes for patients.

In situations of a health pandemic as this, access to information can be the difference between life and death.

There’s hope of beating Corona Virus if we all work together.

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