AFIC gets a new Strategic Plan; 2021-2025

We are pleased to share our new strategic plan themed, “Access to Information: The Bridge to Sustainable Development”. The strategic plan is informed by the collective lessons from our members and Secretariat as well as the current contexts of right to information, transparency and accountability in Africa.

Our new strategic plan seeks to make a contribution by promoting the realization of the right to information as well as transparency and accountability in Africa.  This five-year US$ 12,313,811 planned investment seeks to among others, advocate for ratification and domestication of the six African Union treaties that recognize the right to information; campaign for adoption of ATI laws in at least 25 African countries; promote transparency and accountability in key sectors and thematic areas; strengthen AFIC members especially in respect to use of regional and international mechanisms to advance the right to information; and to boost the capacity of AFIC Secretariat.

Based on our learning that vulnerable and disadvantaged groups such as women, youth, people with disabilities, displaced persons and refugees are particularly challenged in accessing information essential for their participation and personal development, the strategic plan gives their access special attention in order to ensure that no one is left behind.

The months to come will see us getting down to the fundamentals of bringing our plan to life. We can expect continued conversations with various stakeholders, engagement opportunities, and especially the telling of stories about how we’re bringing this plan to life and how we experience it in our daily work life. We will also continue with forums, and communications seeking for support for our Vision: An Africa where all citizens are able to exercise their right of access to information.

This is a remarkable opportunity to continue facilitating the growth of a Pan-African network that engages different actors to advance the right of access to information on the African continent.

Please follow this link for the full copy of the strategic plan.


  • Mugisha

    25/01/2021 11:11

    As we wait to put this plan into life ,actually its not only the disadvantaged group like in Uganda the UCC through Telecom companies orders the shutdown of internet of almost a month nothing is done and actually for your information if we try to use different means like VPNs the government through its security will hunt you down amidst all intimidation and again when we still have the tax on the internet ( OTT) so in Uganda the journey to ATI has just began

    Otherwise we welcome the idea and we are ready to work with you

  • Olive

    23/03/2021 14:31

    This is a very interesting and well designed plan, indeed, in such times of crisis, (election turmoil, covid pandemic) and couple with the high levels of underdevelopment, corruption, poverty and limited citizen participation; the best approach the African content needs is to have as much information as possible on all aspects of life is more urgently needed now than ever before. As a citizen, joining AFIC to engage our stakeholders to support this plan is my most desired wish!

    Let us all support this plan.

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