AFIC and Media unite to advocate for Gender-responsive public procurement in Uganda

In a bid to promote gender responsive public Procurement in Uganda, the Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) hosted a media roundtable discussion on June 30th, 2023, at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala.

This engaging event brought together journalists, editors, reporters, and social media influencers to shed light on the barriers faced by women-led businesses in public procurement. The discussion aimed to leverage media’s power and influence in advocating for inclusive procurement practices as part of their corporate social responsibility.

AFIC shared research findings from a study on understanding barriers and solutions to include women-led Businesses in Public procurement in Uganda. The study found that less than 1% of Women-Led Businesses win public procurement contracts.

The roundtable saw enthusiastic participation from various media channels. Notably, TV reporters from Baba TV, UBC TV, and Tagy TV, print reporters from New Vision, The Independent Magazine, and Daily Monitor, radio journalists from Capital FM, Metro FM, Super FM, and Radio One, and four social media influencers attended the event.

Additionally, representatives from online publications, including Pulse Uganda, Watchdog, and Shift Media, nile post added their digital prowess to the discussion. With a total of 25 media representatives, the stage was set for a compelling dialogue.

Media reporters, journalists, and editors were instrumental in proposing various ways they could contribute to promoting gender equality in public procurement.

Their proactive approach led to engaging interviews with AFIC on the study’s findings, amplifying the message of gender responsive procurement. Social media influencers took center stage, generating over 100 tweets and Facebook posts, reaching a broader audience with their influential online presence.

Beyond the event, over 15 stories were published in various media sites, stimulating important public dialogues about the participation of women-led businesses in public procurement.

New study: only 1% of women-led business firms in Uganda participate in public procurement


Furthermore, the registration of active journalists, editors, and influencers provided the groundwork for future cooperation and long-term advocacy initiatives.